Sex crimes are some of the most controversial issues in society. Bodies of law and courts are not very tolerant of sex offenders, as they face severe punishments. These consequences may differ depending on the state and jurisdiction, but they mostly have the same concepts. Fines, jail times, and damages to reputations resulting into limited housing and employment opportunities, are just some of them.

Rape is generally characterized by non-consensual sex. There may be other relevant factors, such as the threats of violence against victims, the victims’ inability to consent because of his or her lack of judgment that has resulted from alcohol or drugs, and the victims’ legal inability to consent because of age. These factors are not necessarily needed to determine if an act is rape, because non-consent is the most significant determining factor. These factors, however, can supplement and make the charges worse.

Possession of Child Pornography
The children are the heirs of society, and the last thing a civilized society wants is for these children to be involved in trafficking and other sexually related offenses. The possession of any material showing a minor getting involved in a sexual act is illegal. Such materials include pictures and computer data such as images and videos.

Sexual Abuse of a Child
Civilized societies really prioritize children, even when it comes to sexual abuse claims. Sexual abuse of a child does not just involve direct sexual relations, as behaviors such as looking at a child in a sexual way, showing a child sexual acts, and other behaviors that meet another person’s sexual interest can be considered sexual abuse.

Indecent Exposure
Indecent exposure refers to an individual’s intentional display of his or her private parts, with the motive of having sexual gratification to himself or herself, receiving a sexual response from another person or the public, or insulting another.

Consequences and Effects
Sex crimes can greatly alter the lives of both abuser and abused. In the case of the abuser, those who have been convicted of misdemeanors and felonies have the appropriate fines and jail times, ranging from months to even years depending on the gravity of the offense. But according to the website of Kohler Hart Powell, SC, these charges can be defended. It proves that the law hears the side of the accused as well, preventing unjustified and unwarranted penalties.
Abused have it bad as well. Aside from the physical injuries they may have sustained, they may be prone to emotional and psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and social withdrawal. Physical injuries can at least heal through time, but these mental problems may require a different kind of treatment.