Accidents happen. They’re an inevitability of life. Mostly, they’re little things that you tend to forget about. A fallen leaf from a tree lands on your face and you end up tripping over yourself. You forget the last step down a flight of stairs and you stumble towards the wall. You eat something that you hadn’t realized was way past its expiration date. These things are excusable and, more often than not, perfectly forgettable.

But then, there are the accidents that can ultimately alter the way that someone lives their lives… for the worse.

An accident could leave a person with permanent brain damage or turn them into a quadriplegic. An accident could mean months or years of being made unable to perform a professional that is necessary to keep them thriving in modern society. Can you imagine a ballerina losing her legs to an accident? Or, how about a surgeon whose hands were scarred and rendered useless due to a burn accident?

These circumstances are not new and, in fact, they happen often enough that personal injury became the legal terminology that fit this precise bill. However, as can be surmised from the examples, there are a lot of ways that a person can be injured due to negligence; and so, there are many subsets under personal injury. Some cases of personal injury are car accidents, nursing home abuse, premises liability, medical malpractice, et cetera. Each of these subsets has differing variables and the outcome of them can often depend where and when the accident occurred.

Personal injury is definitely preventable since the cause of it is the negligence of another party. It should have been prevented but it wasn’t due to lack of care. Therefore, should an instance of personal injury actually occur, legal measures must be considered in order to demand for recompense for the damages done.