Contemporary American medicine depends heavily on pharmaceutical preparations in therapy or health management methods. Several medicines have been created over the years which have undoubted advantages, even though they are regrettably too often offset by side effects. Historically, these side effects are revealed on a trial-and-error basis, and harmful drugs including cocaine have already been withdrawn in the marketplace when the gains were outweighed by medical risks.

Regulations are in place to reduce the hazards posed on the public by these drugs. Agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require that drug companies adhere to processes made to ascertain the safety and effectiveness of the products before formulation or a brand new drug is qualified for use. This includes clinical trials that will reveal what side effects it can have. Generally speaking, drugmakers keep their duty-of-care and follow these processes. Though, they break this obligation from inadvertence or avarice.

Take the case of Granuflo. It had been promoted to services that cater to individuals with reduced kidney function, along with a dialysis machine is used to scrub the blood of toxins instead of the kidney. An over-dosage of Granuflo might lead to potentially fatal cardiac issues, including but not limited to metabolic alkalosis. According to, the serious problem that led to lawsuits filed against manufacturer Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) is that the firm did not notify non-FMC centers about these dangers even while their patients published a memorandum about it to FMC facilities.

When personal injury results from the failure of drug companies to take the required steps to make sure the safety of their individuals or to warn about hazardous side effects, this might be construed as negligence. Consult a product-liability lawyer experienced in civil litigation cases including hazardous medications to see if you have an actionable case.

If you’ve been hurt because of a drug that is hazardous, make sure to make contact with a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. Legal counsel will likely be able to help you during your case and ensure that you’re justly compensated.